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Delilah, our first estrogen flavored style profile, makes a strong case for warm weather with her selection of frolicking frocks. Her choices are always excellent, no matter the season, and today’s procession is spot on. She has an eye for modern pieces that carry forward classic elements from past eras, without treading into costume or affectation.

We started with a spontaneous paddle around Strawberry Hill, the moat of which is Stow Lake, in Golden Gate Park. Dodging ducks and tourists alike. The lesson I took away was to always pack libations, because one never knows when the opportunity for recreation might strike. Blue dress by Stop Staring!

The diaphanous wrap almost taunts mother nature, I say this because of the foggy chill she normally blankets our City with in summer, so I’m viewing this dress as a defiant act of sorts. Polka dot dress: Macson, shoes: Velvet Angels

Stepping between dapples in another of the City’s secret gardens. Red top: Dolce and Gabbana, shorts: Forever 21, shoes: Steve Madden

Bundled up at dusk, when the wind streams in from the Pacific and ushers in the cool night. Time for a hot toddy. Coat by Atmosphere.

Remember to pay her a visit: delilahburlesque.com


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Aaron’s style strengths are many. For starters, he knows what works for him, and he carries himself with the calm air of a man who also gets to wear it. I also appreciate his polished understatement. In the cacophonous whirlwind of a city nothing commands attention like reticent elegance.

Sport Coat: Arnold Brant (50/50 wool/silk)
Shirt: Land’s End
Belt: Old Navy
Cotton trousers: Land’s End
Shoes: Allen Edmonds

Blazer: Hickey-Freeman
Pocket Square: Kent Wang
Cashmere t-neck: Ballantyne
Cords: Incotex
Belt: Allen Edmonds
Suede Shoes: Eduardo G


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Our latest profile is of Chris, drummer for the band Ex-Boyfriends. And by day he’s also a follicle engineer at Barber Lounge.

This ruched gingham fabric is a combo of 2 excellent details: making it the chocolate & peanut butter of summer shirting.

5 more shots! Check them out- (more…)

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Nasir recently checked in from New Orleans where he and the Missus were crypt shopping. Not for themselves, mind you, it’s just that sometimes we run out of space in the basement of the Lodge and- er, yeah, just forget I said anything.

Coat: Kenneth Cole
Scarves: BR
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Fluevog

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mens fashion

Jeffery Ying is our latest profile.

A Bay Area writer, and arbiter of spirited elegance, Jeffrey isn’t content to leave words passively on a page, he wears them on his sleeve as well. (more…)

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The next gentleman in our series of stylish profiles is Gregory.

His choices are excellent examples of decorous classicism balanced by an air of affability. (more…)

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Nasir made an appearance in an earlier post and, as he can’t help but do, effortlessly made quite an impression. He has graciously allowed us a quick look into his wardrobe. It goes without saying that he has an unfair advantage over most of us in that he can make anything look good.

The grey suit, including shirt and tie, is all from the Banana Republic Monogram line. The shoes are Fluevog.

My grand plan to take some shots in the backyard was threatened by some unexpected rain. When it stopped for a spellĀ  we had a chance to sit outside and warm the afternoon with some bourbon and cigars. Which, honestly, we have done so regardless of the weather. (more…)

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