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Baroness on O'Farrell st as Occupy SF marches in background on Stockton st

Union Square Skating Rink and Xmas Tree

Mounted police horse sporting holiday cheer

Post street looking east

Mayor Ed Lee at the tree lighting

Coit Tower from Union Square with Berkeley in the far distance on the right.


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The game of bowls (and specifically lawn bowling) has a medieval history which seems to have been, if not originated in Britain, certainly perfected there. While it’s now played worldwide, the Scots seem to have taken it as their own, with their oldest club going back 1740.

In fact: it was the local chapter of the Scottish fraternal order, the Saint Andrew’s Society, who started San Francisco’s lawn bowling club in 1901. They were given a section of Golden Gate park in which to bowl by park superintendent John McLaren (a native Scot, and the club’s 1st vice-president). Originally known as the San Francisco Scottish Bowling Club, in 1931 the name was changed to the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club.

I believe this is Bill Campbell, who, if it is him, has been with the club since 1964. I cribbed the above photo from Telstar Logistics’s Flickr stream, who also has him pictured in another excellent sweater vest. Check it out here.

Lots of old photos (and a few new ones) including a few inside of their clubhouse; click inside…


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Autumnal Sunset

Looking out over the Pacific from the rooftop (with, as always, the Farallones behind the twin palms).

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Last Days of Summer

Miss KMK along the water in San Francisco. The title of the post is misleading because our local summer has yet to start (it, like most San Franciscans, is always running late), but I meant it for readers everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. As these images attest nicer days do occasionally happen and, were it selfishly up to me, the California drought never would have ended – girls wore fewer clothes and it was better motorcycle weather year-round.

You should visit her here.

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Borrelli Label

Luigi here has been through the ringer a few times already, “broken in” one could say, though I suppose life will have broken us all after that many spin cycles. But, at the very least, I promise to be a pleasant strolling companion for his twilight years. Maybe he’ll even trust me with a few words of his aged wisdom, perhaps something like “iron at low temperature” or “Viva Garibaldi” or some such cryptic remark. You never know with those old Italians.

Borrelli Shirt Button

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Seen here in the window at Grant’s Tobacco on Market st. The tie, one of my craizleys, is a vintage Liberty of London. And since we brought out the offerings of raincoat and umbrella we seemed to have appeased Mother Nature who, with unexpected mercy, parted the clouds and brought out the sun for our adventure.

Above, a rare example of those parted clouds from this weekend’s Arkstorm. This view is from the homestead, looking over Golden Gate Park toward the Pacific, and into what appears to be more rain in the distance.

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December Sunset

Some very low fog coming in from the ocean. It looked more like smoke as it slithered into the neighborhood.

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