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The game of bowls (and specifically lawn bowling) has a medieval history which seems to have been, if not originated in Britain, certainly perfected there. While it’s now played worldwide, the Scots seem to have taken it as their own, with their oldest club going back 1740.

In fact: it was the local chapter of the Scottish fraternal order, the Saint Andrew’s Society, who started San Francisco’s lawn bowling club in 1901. They were given a section of Golden Gate park in which to bowl by park superintendent John McLaren (a native Scot, and the club’s 1st vice-president). Originally known as the San Francisco Scottish Bowling Club, in 1931 the name was changed to the San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club.

I believe this is Bill Campbell, who, if it is him, has been with the club since 1964. I cribbed the above photo from Telstar Logistics’s Flickr stream, who also has him pictured in another excellent sweater vest. Check it out here.

Lots of old photos (and a few new ones) including a few inside of their clubhouse; click inside…



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Seen here in action on Stow Lake. Snapped by Delilah in-between my snapping her for an upcoming style profile for the blog. I’m fortunate she didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to throw me overboard. You’d be surprised (or not) how such a rash act would increase her (already riotous) popularity.

I will, under duress, confess to participating in occasional physical activities, but I unashamedly admit to enjoying rowing. And, knowing a few true oars-men and -women, I am forced reveal that I was neither in proper costume or form that day, since the whole event was quite spontaneous.

Tie: Westaway
Shirt: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Old Navy
Trousers: Rugby

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