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Sweater jacket over a vest and bow tie, that’s my man. Also, I like the light trousers on the 3rd guy, and knit tie on the far right. PS: who’s the pale face? I like his unpocketed watch.

Modern menswear may begin with the 1930s but, while I fully appreciate many of the traditions laid out in that decade, the twenties are more the years for my personal style.  Occasionally, as I dig through the past looking for vintage and dead stock menswear, I find old photos of men wearing the clothing of bygone days;  if a picture’s worth a thousand words, sometimes I’m lucky enough to get the 1000  directly from the person in it or their next of kin. Sometimes the photos come to me in silence, without a narrative. These particular images all came to me as a group, implying that they’re related in one way or another. Every one — a marvelous picture evocative of history, place, and persons. And not only are all the men wearing ties, most of them also have hats. The only dated photo is from 1926.

Click to enlarge all of them. It’s worth it.

Nice shawl collar henley and ankle boots.

The gaiters! Plus we get a girl and some info on the back: written in pen”Blount Springs” (presumably she’s taking some of famed curative waters)  and stamped “Made By J D Humphrey & Son, Huntsville, Ala”

It just says “Frank” in pen. Fiddle case? And what’s in his pocket? The lad in back has an equally cool jacket.

Skinny tie and narrow double breasted jacket.

Ribbon in the lapel. A veteran?

The boaters and bow tie.


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