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A recent addition to our house (and mascot of our in-house pub, The Kilted Midget), Mr. Fergus “Old Smuggler” MacSmugglerson. We met him recently at the estate of a former liquor salesman, in whose attic he had been retiring for some years. The wee lad was looking for new accommodations and we couldn’t possibly refuse. He’s about 28″ tall (too small for most amusement park rides, except for “It’s a Small World,” of course), and a surprisingly weighty doll. Unlike many Scots I’ve known, by sundown he is still very well balanced on his feet. He’s perfect for our modest house and always formally dressed to host the party.

Supposedly the brand, in some form, dates back to 1835, and is currently owned by Compari (since 2006) with a press release claiming that “…Today Old Smuggler is sold in over 20 markets with significant presence in the US, where it is the 8th largest selling Scotch, an important position in Argentina where it is the 2nd selling whisky, and strong sales in Eastern Europe.” 8th?

Above we catch a sight of his spats (an accessory in need of a revival if there ever was,) sporran (a.k.a. the flask pocket), and sock flashes (which the Baroness has recently claimed for the fairer sex, as she has begun sporting them with the numerous plaid skirts she wears week to week.)


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I don’t post often about womens clothes for the simple reasons that A) I know next to nothing about them (clothes or women) and B) I just prefer women to wear as little as seasonably possible. That said, members of the second sex habitually garland themselves in clothes and accessories as beautiful as a woman herself. Today’s post revels in an object that, with a broad (ahem) reach, manages to cover two of my more conspicuous fetishes at once: women and neckties.

This Rugby limited edition clutch, patchworked of their uniquely fabulous tie fabric, hits the mark. The Baroness couldn’t resist it, and I couldn’t imagine dissuading a craving of hers; in fact, I always encourage such desires.

Now, as for their mens line, I propose a messenger bag of the same. Rugby, now you know what I want for Xmas.

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From Anthropologie. Left, Two Sons, and Trinity. In the same family, but not pictured, is a single collar version Eton.

15 1/2 neck, how average.

Beyond these candles just existing, and that someone read my mind to make them, I think my favorite part is the back button. Like the appendix it’s presumed to be an anachronistic feature that serves little, or at least no clearly understood, purpose.


I can relate.


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In the spirit of the season — a spirit which usually appears as a Dickensian ghoul reminding me to give coal to everyone (and the bastards really deserve a lump on the head when it comes to lumps, but I’m a generous fool, what can I say?) — today’s subject is an oldfangled clip-on. The end of November is always a fine time to give thanks that bow ties are still even made, either clip-on or grown up style, and to reflect upon vintage specimens from grandad’s closet.

Above we see the 1 lbs of hardware to attach it to the collar (extra starch suggested), and below the first class berth/gift box that it travels in. The tag is to one Mr McDonald from a Lois Scheller. I hope she got that raise.

I don’t normally wear clip-ons because I find them too perfect and too tidy, (though I have friends who have sported them quite fabulously) but when it comes to making exceptions in my bow tie rotation- this piece deserves to be among them.

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Arts BannerTerrance Graven

Artist Terrance Graven at the opening of Soap Gallery’s group show “Junk Mail” in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. It would be just like me to zero in on the tie- a tie that is all ads for red meat and booze. Terrance’s ensemble is an artistic statement all on it’s own, but he had excellent work in the show, as well, that he wasn’t wearing. One could call those pernicious blackshirts of “direct marketing” the harpies of consumerism



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Recently Mr Ying and I returned to the Messieurs Glasglow’s temporary haunt on Nob Hill, the Huntington Hotel, to check in on a pair of shoes being made for him.

Below we see the shoes in the fitting stage. Afterward the sole will be added.

After the fitting, we were introduced to some of Cleverley’s new semi-bespoke shoes, the Anthony Cleverley line (click for a larger view)

1 The Chow will be available both in London and at Leather Soul (Hawaii & Beverly Hills) in September. Available in London in black calf & dark brown calf,  Beverly Hills in burgundy, and in Hawaii in burgundy & black calf.

2 The De Givenchy is now available in London in black calf, with a dark brown calf available in the summer.  At Leather Soul in Beverly Hills, this shoe will be available in dark green calf but with a 2-Tie Derby version, which they will be calling The Park.  It will also be available in Hawaii in black calf & dark brown calf.

3 New stitched galosh, as yet unnamed, will be available in London in September but only in black calf.  At Leather Soul in Beverly Hills it will be available in dark midnight blue.
4 Fringe tongue casual, also as yet unchristened, will be available only in London and in dark brown calf.

Orders being strong, and the workroom at capacity, means an eight or so month wait. But I’m certain you’d agree that quality is always worth waiting for.

In case you missed it: see Will’s post on his blog about his visit, a bit earlier in the day, where he discusses the new shoe line on more detail, click here.



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Vice Squad

Revenue stamps, resembling postage stamps, were used as proof of taxes paid on a variety of goods, including booze, smokes, and guns.

Here are a few courtesy of the US Gov:




Click on the images for a bigger view.

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